• Das Dorf Latzfons befindet sich auf 1050 m Meereshöhe.

  • In der Umgebung befinden sich 3 Familienrodelbahnen und eine für professionelle Ansprüche.



Village life

Village life - genuine and rich in tradition

Latzfons is very rich in tradition and the quiet village livens up on many occasions and celebrations throughout the year.


Celebrations and traditions

Easter Monday: afternoon concert of the local music band

Pilgrimage to the Latzfonser Kreuz (beginning of June)

Big music and sports festival (Beginning of July)

Celebration of St. Mary Magdalene at the Latzfonser Kreuz (End of July on the Sunday of the names day of St. Magdalene)

Almabtrieb: return of livestock from high alpine summer pastures with a traditional procession and concert (beginning of September)

Traditional religious processions: Feast of Corpus Christi (June), Four-brotherhood processions on Easter Monday, Feast of the Holy Trinity (Sunday after Pentecost), Feast of the Guardian Angels (1st Sunday in September), Martinmas (beginning of November)

Those who have acquired a taste for traditional Tyrolean music or those who want to do so have numerous possibilities at these traditional celebrations and other occasions and concerts in Latzfons